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Top 5 Soap Dishes for Handmade Soaps

First let me begin by saying I’m so sorry I’ve never posted this before! I sincerely thought I had already published this list as it’s been a question I’ve had to answer time and time again! I’m frequently asked “What sort of soap dish should I use?” and “My soaps are melting in the soap dish! Is there a better way to store them?” and I frequently have to send links to friends and customers for the preferred soap dishes that I recommend using. There are several different ones we personally use in our home, because every sink situation is different. Some of these work better than others for each situation, but they all work fantastically for my soaps! And bonus, since I’m working on redesigning the shape of my soap bars, they’ll fit better in these soap dishes than my previous large size bars. Those large size bars will still fit into these ones, but just not as well.

Top 5 Favorite Soap Dishes

Without further ado, here are my top five favorite soap dishes for use with handmade soaps and personally recommended for use with my soaps! I’ll explain why I like each of them and which situation they’ll work best with! I’m also including links to each of them. These links are affiliate links, which doesn’t cost you any extra, but they’ll give us a little (very small) bonus each time someone buys using these links, which helps us keep up this website!

For The Shower

shower soap dish

I would most highly recommend this suction tray for shower & bathtub use. I bought mine almost a year ago in October 2016 and I’ve been using it since then. If you want a testimony as to how long my soaps last, I put a large bar on this soap tray when I first got it and I’ve been using the same one since then.

I cannot recommend a better option than this! It has an extremely strong suction and has never fallen off the wall of the shower and the drainage is terrific. It is without a doubt my favorite to recommend because of its superior quality.

shower soap dish

(UPDATED!) The original Oxo version has been discontinued and isn’t available. It’s still my favorite but I have searched for a suitable replacement that fits my standards. Ideally we want one that isn’t just plain wire (I like the plastic tray because small pieces won’t fall through like they will in those wire ones.) It also should have an easy and secure installation, which this one does have, it installs very similarly to the originally recommended on so my installation guide is still pretty helpful for it. The buy link below has been updated and both pictures (including the original one) will link to the new one.

Buy Here: Amazon

View the video of me installing it here: YouTube (it’s stupid simple and you can see the bar of soap I mentioned!)

For The Kitchen

kitchen metal soap dishOf the two different options I recommend for the kitchen, this first one I haven’t used but can recommend nonetheless considering I’m sort of an expert on my own soaps and what will work well for them. 😛 This is what I point people to when they want something sleek and stylish to coordinate with their modern kitchen.

It has a lifted tray to keep soap out of the draining water and helps the bar to dry and stay dry for longer lasting use. It is a two part design, with the bottom part collecting any dripping water.

You’ll want to dump and rinse this out from time to time to keep the water from filling this dish and collecting around the soap. It’s also available in a longer style similar to the next one I’m going to recommend, which I have tried and love!

Buy Here: Amazon

soap dish bathroom kitchenThe second one I recommend for kitchen use is made of silicone and I actually recommend it for BOTH kitchen and bathroom use. We keep several soap dishes in our kid’s bathroom and this is one of them.

We personally have at least 3 bars of soap in that bathroom at any given time to allow choice of scents such. It also tends to hold lots of soap batch end bits and leftovers. It’s a soapmaker’s benefit, there’s always soap for us even if a full batch sells out. Either way, it’s a fantastic system for our family.

I also recommend it for kitchen use because it’s long enough to allow a bar of soap, plus a sponge or scrub pad all in one dish. Because it’s made of silicone, it’s easy to clean if it ends of getting soft soap bits stuck to it. It doesn’t have drainage holes, so occasionally check on it to make sure the water is evaporating or dump out any standing water. In general though, I’ve never had any issues with standing water because it spreads out enough and will evaporate quicker than it can soak into the soap.

soap dish bathroom kitchen

It’s my second favorite soap dish in our entire house, after the shower one and it’s my favorite one to share because it always is full of lots of different soaps. I posted the image over there to our Facebook page some time ago to demonstrate how awesome it is. We really love it, and my kids clearly love our soap. Can you tell?

Buy Here: Amazon

Check out our social media pages for other photos and uses: Facebook  |  Instagram

For The Guest Bathroom

wood soap dish

This “Hawaii Style” wooden soap dish is the one I use in our main/guest bathroom because it’s stylish but very functional. I highly recommend it because it has wide slats to help the bottom of your soaps dry between uses. If your soap is already a bit soggy, I recommend taking care though, because it could sort of get stuck to the holder once it dries out. It’s easy to pry it off, but it will leave fun little indentations on your soap.

It will easily accommodate our older style sliced soap in the standard/small size and our new style block soap full and half size bars.

This is also my preferred one to recommend if you’re looking to get a soap dish to gift WITH a bar of soap. Together it makes a terrific housewarming, hostess, or bridal party gift! You can even contact me through our Facebook page to custom order bridal gifts or half-bar custom label guest favors for your wedding or birthday parties!

Buy here: Amazon (you can get it a little cheaper elsewhere on Amazon but without Prime shipping so it would take about a 4+ weeks to arrive.)


kid soap dishes silicone plastic

Now, while the silicone soap dish I listed above is perfectly kid friendly, as I mentioned that it’s what we personally use, you might be wanting a few more colorful options that will still keep your soap dry between uses and won’t break if the kids get rough or decide to use the bathroom as a play ground. (Yes, my kids do it too. You’re not alone.) Finding a kid friendly soap dish can be hard. Here are the main things you’ll want to look for.

  • Made with silicone or plastic. It’s easy to clean and it won’t break when it inevitably hits the floor due to a rowdy episode or a toddler who doesn’t WANT to brush their teeth right now.
  • Has drainage slats or holes of some type. The main goal here is to keep the soap from sitting in the water that is going to make it into the soap dish because kids don’t have any concept of what’s going on while they’re washing their hands. Even if you know to lather outside of the stream of water, they don’t. That soap is going to get a nice shower under the faucet in the hands of your 6 year old.

The one I’m going to recommend actually comes as a 3-pack. But it’s available in four different colors and hits my major qualifications for a good soap dish. It drains right into your sink and is going to be easy to clean if mushy soap gets stuck to it.

Buy Here: Amazon (several color choices!)

Let me know below which one (of the above OR one I maybe didn’t mention!) is your favorite soap dish to use with handmade soaps! I’m always looking for new gadgets that will accommodate our soaps! Did you get one of the dishes I mentioned? Let me know!

-Shelby <3

Top 5 Soap Dishes - Blueberry Hill Soaps. These are the best ones to use for homemade soaps!
Top 5 Soap Dishes - Blueberry Hill Soaps. These are the best ones to use for homemade soaps!

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