Nov 11

Cosmic Wave Soap Challenge

So I’ve participated in another soap challenge this month, the technique this time called “Cosmic Wave.” Let me first start by saying this one is TRICKY. Other people in the challenge club reported remaking this soap 3-5 times before getting it right or even giving up. I have to say I’m pleased that I got a good result, or at least partially (I’ll explain later in this post,) both time I tried it. The only reason I did a second one is because the moderator told me the glitter on top disqualified me. WHOOPS!

So, I took as many pictures as I could, but it’s sort of difficult taking photos during the process and after finishing the second batch, I sort of realized if I’d gotten my sh*t stuff together I could’ve done a video for my somewhat abandoned youtube (it’s not, I swear, I have FIVE videos IN editing right now. I’m just busy!)

So, this post will contain photos from both batches, I’ll let you know which is which, and then at the very end you can see my favorite bars from the final batch! (Don’t peek!)

First, let me show you my mold. I don’t have a “real” slab mold so I made one out of a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. (The shallow style box) It didn’t seem very sturdy and I was afraid the edges would bow out so I used some scrap wood of varying widths to make a sort of frame for it. This lasted for both batches and probably would still be good now had my child not stolen it off the counter¬†and then stepped on in a few days ago. ¬†It worked extremely well and produced 20, 4+ ounce bars of soap. This photo is from the first batch (non-entry) which I colored with Mad Oils Mica and scented with my VS Love Spell Type fragrance. (yum!) Also, for this batch, I used the squirt bottle option for the ITPS (in the pot swirl) step.


After finishing the first soap, I realized I wasn’t really fond of the spinning option to create a more wavy appearance. It sort of muddied up the colors around the edges. I was still satisfied because at least the bars from the center looked good and if it came down to it, I could just showcase THOSE bars. No biggies.


Of course then I found out the glitter was a no-go so I set about a second batch. This time using Mad Oils micas (and titanium dioxide to give the white mica a stronger white) and a customer favorite – Amaretto fragrance. I was already sold out of my previous batch so I figured why not make more with this fun new design!


This time, I opted not to use the squirt bottles, and just create a good, tight pour spout by bending the edge of the paper cups. This worked remarkably well! The next photo here is from the step where I had to layer the colored soap batter in the little pitcher before slowly pouring the soap into the mold.


This time worked about exactly the same as the first batch, with the edges sort of muddied from just the pouring and the movement of the mold during that, but not quite as bad because I didn’t do the final spin step. I didn’t get an in the mold picture this time because I was late getting the counter cleared for dinner prep and forgot. But don’t worry! I got some FANTASTIC shots of the soap finished!


And a let’s dress it up a little, shall we?


Thank you for looking!

**If you’re interested in purchasing this soap, come follow on Facebook to be notified when it goes on sale on November 26.

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