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Jul 27

Natural Marble Soap Challenge

Not addressing the fact that this is the first time in nearly three years that I’ve posted, I participated in another soap challenge club!This technique was called Marble Soap and I couldn’t resist. I love rocks and gemstones and I started polishing rocks with a fancy rock tumbler earlier this summer, so getting back on …

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Nov 11

Cosmic Wave Soap Challenge

So I’ve participated in another soap challenge this month, the technique this time called “Cosmic Wave.” Let me first start by saying this one is TRICKY. Other people in the challenge club reported remaking this soap 3-5 times before getting it right or even giving up. I have to say I’m pleased that I got …

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Oct 14

Wood Grain Design Challenge

First off, let me apologize for not bringing a new video to you all in weeks! I realize this has let down a few of my loyal viewers, however I hope you’ll understand when I say the last month has been CRAZY. Between getting soap made at lighting (for me) speed and taking care of …

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